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U of T COVID-19 Student Engagement Award Winners

Successful Projects

The U of T COVID-19 Student Engagement Award provides financial support to U of T students working in collaboration with one another on projects that contribute to building and fostering a global community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Successful projects are supported by the Office of the Vice-President, International, University of Toronto Mississauga, University of Toronto Scarborough, Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Rotman School of Management, OISE, and the Centre for International Experience.

The following is a list of successful projects and project teams:

Project TitleProject Team
"Ripple Food Box"-An Innovative Approach to Reduce Food WasteCheng Pan, XinWang Wang

‘Leave it in Quarantine’: COVID-19 Health Promotion Music Video and Graphics CampaignIsfandyar Virani, Sadi Wali
“COVID-19 Perspectives”Ashwini Selvakumaran, Aishwarya Patel
“What is essential is invisible to the eye”: Cross-cultural patterns of gender, minority, and low-income representation in children’s drawings of Essential WorkersDiana Peragine, Laura MacMullin, Danielle Jacobson, Tanya Manchanda, Jordana Schiralli, Joanna Matthews, Chiara Simeon-Spezzaferro, Nida Mustafa, Lindsay Coome, Laura Gravelsins, Claire Murray
3D PPE GTHAChengming (Peter) Zhang, Anser Daud, Yousuf Ahmed, Isra Hussein, Christopher McChesney, Manon Feasson, Carlos Khalil
A MORE EQUITABLE APPROACH TO COVID-19; Tackling Race-Based InequalitiesRanie Ahmed Kiran Nabi, Omer Jamal, Waleed Ishak
A Music-for-Coping Toolkit: Guidelines and Applications of Neurologic Music Therapy during the Covid-19 PandemicTara Henechowicz, Nicole Richard, Marija Pranjić, Kyurim Kang, Lauren Cole, Gloria Tian
A proposal for the development of an App for self-reporting of COVID-19 associated symptomsSulaiman Jalloh Patrick Bampanga, Abhinav Mohan, Leticia Nndagang, Kuda Masalila
A rapid review of national COVID-19 task forces.Victoria Haldane, Garrett Morgan
A review of long-term care policy changes implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic: a Canadian analysisDanielle Just, Caroline Variath
A Room of One's OwnHui Wen Zheng, Katie Kwang, Benita Leong
Academic and Financial Issues Associated with Online Schooling: Recommendations for Staff and Students to Optimize Learning Experience and SuccessVince Escalante, Sai Cheong (Kris), Wong Phuoc Tran
Addressing Educational Inequality Amidst COVID-19 and BeyondOmar Elbardisy, Jan Lim, Kulsuma Alimirah Afkae , Jeffrey Yat-Heng Leung"
After the VirusJessica Singh Sarina Sharma, Rena Wang, Simren Sharma
Agent – Based Modelling in Global Health: An Analysis of Various Social Distancing Policies using COBWEBAdebisi Akande Dina Bernstein, Leshi Yang, Muhammad Anas Ansar, Yi Yue Jiang, Yuzhou Pan
An Investigation of Canadian Natural Products as Potential Drug Candidates Against Viral InfectionZhiyu Wang, John MacMillan
Analysis of Economic Impact Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic and Comparisons to that Caused by Past Public CrisesWeiqing Wang, Zhiya Lou, Guanyao Liang, Jincheng Leng, Ziyi Wang, Jiaru Li, Xiaoli Yang
Assessing the Effectiveness of Videos for Exergaming Technology for use with Isolated Older Adults During COVID-19 PandemicSharon Ferguson, Chelsea Ferguson, YouZhi Hu
Assessing the global effect of public health interventions on COVID-19 pandemic growth and unemploymentMohammad Kaviul Khan, Michael Moon, Thai-Son Tang, Jerry Lin
Assessing the Need for Virtual Medical Care in Canadian Communities Using Machine Learning Models and Predictive AnalysisAbdula Maher, Esmat Sahak, Ahmed Kaimkhani
Avoiding Disaster: Comparing National Fiscal Responses to the COVID-19 crisisZeus Eden, Subham Rai
Bridgespace: Global Student Engagement PlatformHayden Cheung, Sarina Wong, Lauren Hung, Kira Cheung
Capture 7/20 Photography ProjectAstrid Ling, Aishwarya Patel
Case studies on the response of local and global examination boards to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemicWijdan Tariq, Yasin Tariq
Children’s e-book to address the loss of a family member during the COVID-19 pandemicZafiro Andrade, Laura Chavira
Chinatown Student PantryChiyi Tam, Simon Qu
Communicating the Impossible: Universities’ Responses to COVID-19Michael O'Shea, Leping Mou
Comparative Nonprofit Policy Impact Analysis ToolVivian Cheng, Taskeen Nawabc, Austin Ray
Computational modeling of COVID-19 pathogenesis to determine risk levels of infectivity and potential disease outcomesHenry Quach, Jonas Yeung, Jacky Chen, Ben Xu
Connect-19Siddharthan Lakshmanan, Shivam Kapila
Coping with COVID-19: Promoting Mandated Health Behaviours and Protecting Mental HealthAngela Smith, Arasteh Gatchpazian, Ali Javeed
COVID-19 & Planetary Health Advocacy ToolkitDanielle Toccalino Anna Cooper Reed, Victoria Haldane, Colin Sue-Chue-Lam, Anson Cheung
COVID-19 and International Human Rights: A Global Advocacy Messaging Campaign Using Digital Storytelling to Support Sub-Saharan African CommunitiesJiamin Shi, Sherry Hao
COVID-19 and the Surge of Distance Learning – From a Global, Community-Level PerspectiveAngelina Ouyang, Sukhmani Khaira
COVID-19 Central Web-SiteYuliya Lytvyn, Andreea Damian
COVID-19 Crisis Management: a 360 PerspectivePriyanjli Sharma, Michelle Nurse, Avani Bhardwaj, Emma Sas
COVID-19 Drug Evidence InitiativeSameera Toenjes, William Plaetzer, Avery Loi, Arvind Sing Grewal,Christopher Tse, Joseph Li, Truong Dao
COVID-19 Indigenous Health PartnershipSterling Stutz, Thilaxcy Yohathasan
COVID-19 Long-Term Care Redeployment Policy AnalysisKinza Malik, Danielle Gray, Nma Jerry-Egemba
COVID-19 Mortality Forecasts Model Website Portal for Regional Uploads and Data Visualization ProjectMaggie Ma, MD Zarif Mahmud, Kamal Rai
COVID-19 University Response Consolidation (CURECON) ProjectSyed Zain Ahmad, Marium Vahed, Nikhil Bhambra, Abbigayle Teixeira-Barreira, Gautier Boyrie, Emily Nguyen, Martina Facchin
COVID19RecoveryLeo Zhu, Julia Lee, Grace Guo, Sissi Zhu, Juliana Lee
Creative FlowSylvie Stojanovski, Siena Heesoo Jang, Lamia Firasta, Siham Karamali
Data Analysis Educational Package ToolYichao Chen, Jiahao We Yuxin Du, Xu Li, Ziying Xia"
Delivery of Remote Oncology Pharmacy Medication Management Services in Response to COVID-19: Development and Dissemination of a Process MapMaria Marchese Angela Heintzman
Democracy in the Time of COVID-19: A Policy Paper for Latin AmericaZihan Pang, Shauna McLean, Paraney Babuharan, Xiao Alvin Yang
Different Boat, Same Storm: Kindling Empathy Amidst a Global PandemicAtharv Agrawal, Abhayjeet Singh Sachal, Elijah Meadow Ramraj
Disinformation LabsShien Yue Choy, Krishanu Ranwan
Documenting the Post-COVID CityJillian Sprenger, Katy Tiper
Early Literacy Development in Young ReadersInsiya Bhalloo, Siobhan Galeazzi-Stirling, Claire (Ying Ying) Liu
Easing the burden: A dashboard to track COVID-19 financial aid across the globeAdam Lam, Mubtaseem Zaman
El CafeciTO - “Radio Viral”Raquel Serrano, Leonardo Pinna Cosenza
Engineering Think TankLilian Kabelle, Marie Merci Ishimwe, Ngone Lo
Environmental Impacts of Hand Hygiene Practices: Handwashing with Soap and Alcohol-Based Hand RubbingDaniel Tse, Pedro Torres-Basanta, Lisa MacTavish
Equipment trade website business model and interface designTianyi Yu, Minjing Xu
Equity in COVID-19 pandemic policy: An international Delphi study to identify global prioritiesTara Upshaw, Chloe Brown
EXCITE Webinar SeriesYang Xiang, Xiaojie Shen, Zhangran Sun, Wantong Zhong, Lu Lin, Zixuan Chen, Peiwen Zhou
False Freedom: biocarding, bio-surveillance and pedagogies for community care in the world of Covid-19Yasmine Hassen, Ian Liujia Tian, Jann Houston
FFGI COVID-19 Engagement ProjectKuuku Quagraine, Elizabeth Wai
Financial Literacy for YouthKatarina Sladic, Samar Totonchy
Finding Our Power Together: Indigenous and Allied Approaches to Supporting Youth During COVID-19Nicole Ineese-Nash, Maggie Stein
Finding VoicesDavid Wong, Julie Porrot, Hudson Yuen, Yee-Jeung Yuen (Janessa Yuen), Brian Chan
Flatten the NegativityKarishma Shah, Nimit Vediya
Get educated on the subject, stop with the misinformationRosa Yang, Yinghui Liu, Yihe Zhang, Tianyi Tang, Xinyu Zhou
Guide to Covid-19Khadija, Hosseini Pinar Kahraman
HandAssure - Mobile ApplicationShreyes, Dugar Ashna Malhotra
Healing by the ArtsNahyun Lee, Junhyeok Hong, Chaemin Kim
Health & safety, transparency, and revenue resilience in public transitDenis Burkov, Melbin Thomas Jose
Home Alone: 2020Jana Nitschke, Valerie Marshal
Home-based COVID-19 Self-care SystemRamtin Mojtahedi, Saeed Shakib
How faith-based beliefs affect physical distancing behavior during a pandemic: An exploration through socio-cultural perspectivesShamim Ahmed, Sharmin Majumder
iAscendBrandon Yu, Ahmedullah Shah, Alessia Priore, Theodora Girgis
iCommunityNadira Kamalia, Natalie Ashgriz, Anoosha Rahim
Identification and mitigation of COVID-19 misinformation generated by religious beliefMohammad Rashidujjaman Rifat, Prianka Roy, Priyank Chandra, Ishtiaque Ahmed
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on post-secondary communitiesAnna Lai, Julia Xu
INITIOSiyi (Megan) Liu, Mary (Nghi) Ngo, Abigail Chase, Rayana Azar
Jumpstart your HR career!Suet Ying Zoey So, Tian Xie, Monica (Jiwei) Lei, Lilian Ma, Margaret (Tianqi) Zhu, Viki (Yichen) Tao
Knowledge Without BordersSongeun You, Daniel Lu
Learning Even More From SARS: A Comparative Policy Analysis of the SARS and COVID-19 Canadian Pandemic ResponsesMichael Lee, Fanny Cheng, Grace Xu
Learning in the Time of Corona: A slice of life podcast from Mumbai & HoustonLaurel Bingman, Guaravi Lobo
Making COVID-19 Science Accessible For AllAmir Alam Arellano Saab, Katrina Hass
Mashkiki gitigaananRebecca Beaulne-Stuebing, Kristen Bos
MBAinCanada - Taking care of your entire Graduate application journey!Priti Kairamkonda, Korawit Booranakit
Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on Graduate Student Mental Health and Well-beingDaniel Harris, Christa Orchard, Miranda Loutet, David Kinitz
Mindfulness Measures: Survey Data Collection of Mental Health Effects of COVID-19 on StudentsHeba Qazilbash, Mehwish Siddiqui, Neha Matharu
Mitigating stigmatization, ensuring food security and preventing the transmission of COVID-19 in Bangladesh and CanadaTahsin Reza Tasnim Reza, Mahiya Nasrin, Nithila Sivakumar, Clara Chick, Thanoshan Ariyanayagam
Music for the Mind' : A music therapy podcastMeera Mohindra, Lia Weng
Navigating sleep and well-being during COVD-19: How do dreams help us make sense of our new global reality?Erica Kilius, Leela McKinnon
Network and evolutionary analysis of SARS-CoV-2: a vaccine perspectiveTom Ouellette, Jim Shaw
Neurodiversity and the New Normal: How Covid-19 is Impacting Neurodivergent People in a Changing Workplace LandscapeEliana Bravos, David To
Nutrition support for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in MalawiAllison Daniel, Isabel Potani
On the global socio-political impacts of COVID-19 lockdown measures: A Comparative StudyEric Raju, Sara Rasikh
Open access epidemiological data and an interactive dashboard to monitor the COVID-19 outbreakIsha Berry, Jean-Paul Soucy, Shelby Sturrock, Vinyas Harish
Pandemic Meal Prepping: Global Community Building and Knowledge Sharing through a Collaborative CookbookRajpreet Sidhu, Leeza Gheerawo, Maria Mateus, Mira Hennawy
Pandemic PositivityVanessa Ip, Esma Boztas
Pharmacist: Pandemic, Patients, PillsYousif Jaheinsha, Fadi Alkass
Physical and Mental Health Among Cancer Survivors during the COVID-19 PandemicAllyson Tabaczynski, Denise Bastas, Alexis Whitehorn
Portable emergency tentYi Zhang, Siqi Wang
Post-viral fatigue syndrome: The impact of COVID-19 on Black and visible minoritiesArij Elmi, Setareh (Tara) Farahani
Primary school children’s storybook on planetary health and COVID-19Yina Shan, Victoria Haldane
Projecting the supply and use of pristine and reprocessed N95 respirators in a hospitalPaul Chen, Matthew Yau, Tommaso Alba, Krish Bilimoria, Shangmou (Samuel) Wu
Pursuing Liveness: Realizing Performance Frameworks amid COVID-19 Digital CultureTyler Cunningham, Joyce To
Quantifying effects of community based public health measures in controlling COVID-19 epidemics: a comparative modeling study in China, Iceland, Italy and CanadaJianhui Gao Zhiyong Huang
Quarantine Performance: Global Responses to COVID-19 in the Performing ArtsNae Hanashiro Avila, Sebastian Samur
RCPT - Tech TalksMichael Strusievici, Haoming Gu, Sami Rasheed, Prahalad Ravi, Amedeo Cunsolo, Konstantinos Papaspyridis"
Reimagining Accountability and Global GovernanceAlissa Wang, Alessandra Cicci, Michael Motala
Religious Communities and Networks in the Wake of the COVID-19 PandemicJanani Mandayam Comar, Kathryn Geddes
Renewed PerspectivesShenwei Hu, Thea vu Nguyen
Risk Informed Reopening Policy ProposalAishwarya Arun Nair, Ashley Chiedza Mutasa, Joshua Dingani Mvunga
Safe At-Home Testing of Covid-19Aditya Raina, Rajarshi Das Gupta
Shared Isolation: The Music of Nature in the Midst of COVID-19Nicole Percifield, Gavin Fraser, Geoffrey Conquer, Patrick Moldowan
Six Feet ApartJoelle Weir, Cassandra Minott, Ahmed Aldarraji, Lucy Stark
Soap for 237Lesley Lepawa Sikapa, Semtetam Patience Fakembe, Providence Mapingire
Soap for AllGabrielle Carelli Yamamoto, Lorenzo Kogler Anele
Social Contagion of COVID-19Shameemah Khan, Laila Shim, Sara Daou
Songs in Self IsolationYash Verma, Shai Genis, Nikko Gimpaya, Karam Elsolh
Speculating COVID-19Celeste Pang, Jack Jiang, Jordan Bryson, Zarin Tasnim, Sophia Jaworski, Do-Hyeong Meong, Ian Liujia Tian
Start Here>>Resource creation for students as online and blended learnersTeresa Avery, Preeti Raman
STEAM Theme Virtual Escape Room ExperienceSandhya Mylabathula, Swapna Mylabathula
StitchMeimenat (Chen-Hui) Cheng, Mina Yip
Student Parents support InitiativePreeti Raman, Nidhi Sachdeva
Studio Babble: Creative Engagement in the Age of COVID-19Gemma Robinson, Aisling Beers, Declan Roberts, Jay Potts, Savanna Blade, Sheetza McGarry
Study of Political and Economic Influences on Social Distancing Behaviour in the United StatesLiam Keating, Daphne Imahori, Muhammed Wadee
Survey: Impact of COVID-19 on Graduate Students in CanadaSivani Baskaran, Frank Telfer, Maegan Ong, Dawn Bannerman, Caroline Pao, Samantha McWhither, Bryony McAllister, Isabella Lim, Vidhant Pal, Farah Qaiser, Kali Iyer
Tackling Issues of Food Insecurity in a COVID-19 EraSelina Quibrantar, Blair Laluces, Camille Reyes, Kenyon Nisbett
Tackling Shortages of N95 Masks with a Simple, Effective, and Removable Desiccant Strip DesignZiting (Judy) Xia, Purushoth Thavendran, Amro Aswad, Jingyi (Jenny) Wei, Xiaoou (Bessie) Li
The "Us" in Virus PodcastBrady Liu, Kathy Xu, En Su Lee
The #UofTreesGrowAtHomeChallengeDana Dallal, Laiba Hasan, Candee Gao, Melissa Young, Jessica Patel, Joanna Mo
The Association of Social Isolation and Quarantine on Mental HealthSamiha Sultana, Aswini Kuruparan, Oshini Kehelwathugoda, Shawanah Rahman, Hiral Patel, Rushali Patel
The Contaminated U.S. Labour Market by COVID-19: Unemployment Spikes and Spreading Speed of the Novel CoronavirusYingying Zhou, Ning Ye
The Coronavirus ChroniclesNicola Bijvoet, Edina Bijvoet
The COVID Action HubDenise Lee, Melanie Seabrook, Emma Seabrook, Shiyi Zhang
The COVID-19 Information ProjectChirag Chopra, Xin Yi Lim, Samiha Tahsin, Paranjay Sahanii
The Effects of COVID-19 Responses on Racialized CommunitiesJooheon Lee, Hannah Rolfe
The future of protein design: a machine learning approach to COVID-19 outbreakTianyu Lu, Joseph Bellissimo, Hannah So, Rochelle Wang, Shea-sarah Garcia, Danielle Serra, Rose Talebi, Edward Shen, Xiaotong Wang, Adriana Diaz, Lozano Patrino, Gamen Liu
The Global Appreciation ProjectHelen Loo Yau, Cindy Yang, Jenny Lou, Raymond Chen
The Global Artistic Manifestations of COVID-19Ben Sprenger, Ally Fraser
The Humanitarian TaskforceIshika Soni, Satwik Chugh, Shuchi Jain, Ralph Sayegh, Dania Kassim, Yashmit Sutodia
The need for mental health medication management for the university student population during COVID-19Andrea Massey, Nichelle Benny Gerard
The RehabINK podcastJulia Rybkina, Kyla Alsbury, Adora Chui, Lucas Crosby, Mikaela Stiver, Bernice Lau, Nivetha Chandran, Jacqueline Nestico, Analyssa Cardenas, Chelsea Chua, David Houston
The Rise to Thrive FoundationDaniel Pye, Marcos Gouvea, Leonardo Barboza
The role of past pollution inequities on current COVID-19 exacerbationsJill Furzer, Boriana Miloucheva
The World Journal of COVID-19Franklin Perez, Joshua Perez, Nolan Merchan
Together we Learn: Fostering an online learning community in an Engineering Science undergraduate courseRubaina Khan, Nikita Dawe
Transnational Mentorship During the COVID-19 OutbreakYan Hei Kelly Choi, Yefeng Zhang, Sanjana Bhatnagar, Victoriya Kozhemyakina, Tsitsi Macherera
UnityOR: a digital assistant for the operating roomIngrid Grozavu, Daniel Szulc, Brandon Ho
University College Online OrientationAndrea Estrabillo, Vaishnavi (Vaish) Vijayan
Unpacking Covid-19 Impacts on Youth in GuadalajaraMduduzi Mhlanga, Kanishka Sikri, Anushay Irfan Khan
Using Data Visualization and Crowdsourcing Survey to study COVID-19 Testing Capacity, Protocol, and Barriers in CanadaKuan Liu, Rose Garrett, Alexandra Bushby, Thai-Son Tang, Maxwell Garrett"
Utilising UVC light to disinfect suppliesAaditi Lnu, Melbin Thomas, Rohit Mathew
We Are Together 2020Sherry Liu, Ariel Zhu, Linda Huang
We're in this Together: Mapping Resilience, Solidarity, and Hope during a Global PandemicDina Sabie, Cansu Ekmekcioglu Dedeoglu
What Causes Elevated Risk in COVID-19? Discover Exposure & Genetic Factors at PlayYu-Chung Lin, Boxi Lin
Youth Climate Action During COVID and Beyond: A global indexMeaghan Angel, Nelsen Elsholtz, Syeda Hasan
YSYF Hygiene and Stories from Doryumu ProjectSauliha Alli, Shile Adeyoyin