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Safety Abroad

U of T wants to make sure that its students, staff and faculty are safe whenever they travel abroad. Our Safety Abroad Office works with students, staff and faculty to minimize risk by:

  • Providing Safety Abroad workshops
  • Monitoring international security situations
  • Assisting students with emergencies abroad
  • Offering a 24-hour emergency line

The Office ensures that students, staff and anyone involved in sending students abroad are familiar with the Safety Abroad Guidelines, which fall under the Framework for Off-Campus Safety. The Framework applies to all academic and non-academic activities held off the premises of the University but organized or sponsored by U of T or any of its divisions.

Travel Advisories

The University defers to the travel advice and advisories of the Government of Canada, which provide those travelling and living abroad with official Government of Canada information and advice on situations that may affect their safety and well-being.

While Abroad

If you are a student heading abroad on a Centre for International Experience (CIE) program, make sure that you register with the Safety Abroad Office so that we can help you stay safe.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call CIE at 416-946-3929 or access the 24 hour Emergency Line via Campus Police at 416-978-2222.

Student Visas

International students need valid immigration documents to live and study in Canada. It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your immigration and legal documents are maintained and up-to-date. The Centre for International Experience has a wealth of information on its website about study permits, entry visas, visitor visas, permanent residency, and immigration.

For more information, students are encouraged to visit the Government of Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship website. Anyone who wants to study in Canada can find information there about applying to study, extending study permits, and working while studying or after graduation.