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Safeguarding Your Research

The University of Toronto benefits significantly from international partnerships of all types. By partnering internationally, faculty members can develop significant collaborations which enhance their research, contribute to effective knowledge translation and can benefit the broader community.  

Partnerships also provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in research and learning collaborations which broaden their experience and perspective. 

However, some international partnerships have risks associated with them, and it is important for faculty members to understand and mitigate these potential risks. 

The following resources allow us to be more proactive in assessing potential risks and in addressing potential concerns expressed both internally and externally about our partnerships and relationships.

Note that the Government of Canada – Universities Working Group is developing specific risk guidelines to integrate national security considerations into the evaluation and funding of research partnerships. These guidelines will be linked from this page when released.

University of Toronto Resources, Documents, and Processes

  • Engaging in International Research Partnerships: Principles and Approaches – The University of Toronto has developed a set of principles for faculty members and for Divisions to consider when pursuing international partnerships.  It is expected faculty members will review these before engaging in an international partnership in order to develop productive and safe partnerships with confidence.

Knowing your Partner

The integrity of your research relies heavily on knowing and trusting your partner organization(s). Building research teams and partnerships with known and trusted partner organizations will help mitigate risks. You can explore the ownership, business activities and other relationships of an organization using third party services (some require fee for service), such as:

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about a potential or current international partner, please contact