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Letter of Intent Submission Form

  • NOTE: Please follow response word limits when provided.

  • NOTE: Letters of Intent are required for Impact Grants only

    Endorsement/ sign-off from the Dean (or the Dean’s designate) of the sponsoring unit must be obtained before Letters of Intent are submitted. Decanal sign-off at this stage indicates support of the project conceptually and endorsement of proposal development. Candidates invited to submit a full proposal in January will be required to submit a Decanal letter of support. Note: Candidates from the Faculty of Arts & Science are to request decanal approval by submitting proposals to before submitting their final proposal to OVPI.
  • Project Overview

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  • Project Participant Information

  • Detailed Project Description

  • Provide a brief description of the expected outputs of the project. (250 words)
  • Who will benefit from this project and how? (250 words)
  • Divisional Support

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