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The University of Toronto and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

  • The University of Toronto is one of the major international research partners of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), third only after Harvard and MIT.

    Please note: The country and institutional pages provide but a sampling of the rich and deep relationships that the U of T community enjoys with many countries, institutions and communities around the world.   

    • Technion is an inaugural international partner in the context of U of T’s Medicine by Design Initiative, which aims to undertake transformative research and clinical translation in regenerative medicine. In support of the initiative, U of T received $114-million from the Canadian federal government, the largest research grant in the University’s history. These funds will allow U of T and its network of hospitals to collaborate with international partners like Technion to design and manufacture cells, tissues and organs that can be used to treat degenerative disease.
    • The International Centre for Cardiovascular Innovation, a partnership between and the U of T-affiliated University Health Network, aims to develop new medical technologies with potential for substantial health impact and commercial application.
    • The Lyon Sachs Collaborative Research Fund, established in 2009, supported research collaborations between the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at U of T and Technion. The Fund was fully disbursed in support of research, development and post-doctoral exchanges in the fields of energy (water, solar, biofuels), health (tissue engineering, imaging, e-health), engineering, and digital media.
    • The Lyon Sachs Research Fund scales up research collaborations by enabling joint symposia and workshops, funding student and faculty travel between Haifa and Toronto, and enabling sabbatical visits and short-term graduate student exchanges in biomedical and civil engineering.
    • The Lyon Sachs Fellowship supports postdoctoral mobility between the departments of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Civil Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering at U of T and Technion.
    • The Technion – U of T Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students Program between the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at Technion and the Faculty of Medicine at U of T, aims to foster international scientific research communication and collaboration at the formative stages of students’ training. U of T participants spend the summer in the laboratory of a Technion faculty member, working on research projects spanning a broad spectrum of the biomedical sciences.
    • The Centre for International Experience  offers exchange opportunities to U of T students for the fall and winter terms with Technion.