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University of Toronto and Africa

  • University of Toronto’s engagement with Africa is growing. Our activities there include academic programming, faculty to faculty research collaborations and capacity building projects. U of T students also have the opportunity to study in South Africa through Woodsworth College’s Summer Abroad program.

    U of T is home to nearly 600 international students from Africa. There are currently over 650 alumni living in over 35 African countries.

    Furthermore, the African Studies Program, housed at New College and established in 1978 offers students the opportunity to study African societies, cultures, and histories. The program draws on all 3 campuses and offers a wide range of courses in politics, philosophy, culture, history, society, and languages of the diverse peoples of Africa.

    Please note: The country and institutional pages of this website provide but a sampling of the rich and deep relationships that the U of T community enjoys with many countries, institutions and communities around the world.

  • Toronto-Addis Ababa Academic Cooperation (TAAAC)

    TAAAC is a multidisciplinary educational initiative between U of T and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. The goal is to build and strengthen capacity and sustainability for medical, social science and other academic and technology graduate training programs. Faculty from U of T volunteer to teach and co-build with AAU colleagues essential residency, fellowship, Masters and PhD programs and under the leadership of AAU faculty the volunteers teach courses, supervise PhDs and provide clinical supervision and technical skills.  Once trained, new graduates are hired to expand the faculty and take on educational responsibilities so that each program becomes capable of replicating itself.

    MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

    Over the past five years, U of T has welcomed 67 scholars from the African continent who have been supported through the prestigious MasterCard Foundation (MCF) Scholarship to study here. U of T was one of the first universities to offer the scholarship for bright and financially disadvantaged students in sub-Saharan Africa who aspire to become future leaders in their home countries. The scholarship covers tuition in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences or Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering, along with cost of books, living expenses and airfare. The goal of this program is to create a globally educated and highly qualified group of future leaders, who upon graduation, can return to Africa to help foster the region’s development.

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