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Global Classrooms Funding Initiative

The University of Toronto is committed to providing all students with access to a globally relevant education through a variety of pathways, including through multiple types of learning abroad opportunities, through research exchanges, through the Global Citizens and Global Scholars initiatives, and through Global Classrooms.

Global Classrooms (GC) offer an accessible way to internationalize teaching and learning experiences by combining global and cross-cultural collaborations with technology, enabling faculty and instructors to work closely with peers abroad. GCs benefit students and organizations in participating regions by offering a cost-effective complement to student mobility, as well as creating pathways to international exchange and study abroad.

There is no one way to create a global classroom. The nomenclature of “Global Classroom” is intentionally open to allow for variations and approaches that are discipline-, region-, and challenge-specific. As described on this website, which is a resource for faculty considering global classrooms, a global classroom can be roughly divided into low, medium and high touch.

This funding competition will support costs identified by faculty in all three types of engagements.   

Eligible expenses associated with low and medium touch global classrooms cannot exceed $3000. High touch GCs may have higher costs; as such a budget of up to $10,000 will be considered by the review committee. Examples of eligible costs are given in the budget section below. As part of their application, applicants may make requests for support from the staff in the Centre for International Experience (CIE) and local campus teams to assist with outreach to partners, designing the learning experience, program development and administrative assistance.

Global classrooms funded through this competition must take place in the fall term of 2021 (a full application must be submitted on or before July 30 and will receive expedited review) and/or the winter or summer terms of 2022. Applications may be for more than one term. 

Sessional Lecturers are eligible to apply if their department chair, in the department in which the course is being taught, indicates their support by signing off on the application.

Applicants are encouraged to work with local campus teams in developing their proposal. These teams can also help address questions about/connect applicants with IT, teaching support or other resources as needed. To discuss your application in advance, please contact for St. George; for UTM; and; and for UTSC. Your query will be directed to the appropriate person. View the proposal form.

Applicants are encouraged to build on pre-existing international partnerships as well as engage new community and academic partners as appropriate. 

Successful applicants will also be expected to participate in a workshop in Spring 2022 to share best practices and learnings regarding their Global Classroom.


July 9Launch call for proposals
On or before July 30Early applications due
AugustInformation Sessions – Dates TBD and will be posted here
July – End of SeptemberDevelop proposal, supported by local campus teams as needed
October 15Submission of (up to) three-page proposal
Week of November 12Decision on funded proposals
Spring 2022Workshop for all successful applicants to share best practices

Please note, if you are applying for funding for a fall 2021 class, you may submit your application at any time before July 30 in order to get a timely response.

All queries related to this funding competition should be directed to